Grooming is Now Open in Maadi

Dogs (423)

Valueline Operating Pad

LE 250.00

Scalibor Flea and tick collar

LE 225.00

Water-Food Dispenser Nuvola

LE 75.00

VetIQ® Skin & Coat - 250ml

LE 250.00

MERA essential Junior 2

LE 96.00

Purina FRISKIES MINI (>10kg) Dog Food with Chicken and Vegetables

LE 160.00

MERA Exklusiv Active 15kg

LE 775.00

Revolution dogs 10kg-20kg (Single Dose)

LE 145.00

Revolution for dogs 20-40kg (Single Dose)

LE 225.00

Migliorcane Dog Wet Food CHUNKS 405g

LE 18.00

Water Dispenser Nuvola

LE 200.00

Josera SensiAdult

LE 970.00
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