Grooming is Now Open in Maadi

Kong (46)

KONG®Teething Stick™

LE 200.00


LE 325.00

KONG®SqueakAir® Balls with Rope

LE 195.00

KONG®Snacks™ Liver for Medium/Large KONG

LE 375.00

KONG®Snacks Puppy for Small KONG - Chicken & Rice

LE 300.00

KONG®Puppy Goodie Bone™ with Rope

LE 145.00


LE 245.00

KONG®Jump N Jack

LE 360.00

KONG®Goodie Bone™ with Rope

LE 140.00

KONG® Yarnimals Monkey Medium/Large

LE 475.00

KONG® Stuff-A-Ball™

LE 235.00

KONG® Squiggles™ Medium

LE 475.00

KONG® SqueakAir® Balls Xsmall

LE 225.00

KONG® SqueakAir® Balls Medium

LE 300.00

KONG® Shakers™ Honkers Flamingo Small

LE 400.00

KONG® Shakers™ Honkers Duck Large

LE 1,000.00

KONG® Senior

LE 170.00

KONG® Ring

LE 185.00
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