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Frontline Combo Spot-On Cats  X 1 dose
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Frontline Combo Spot-On Cats X 1 dose

LE 275.00
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Frontline Combo Spot-On Cats and Ferrets ensures a continuous protection against lice, fleas and ticks thanks to a double action both on mature insects and eggs.
Thanks to its powerful formula containing fipronil, an active principle which has an insecticidal and acaricidal action, cats and ferrets will be cleared and protected from fleas, ticks and grinding lice for 4 weeks.
Its action starts 24 hours after the first treatment against the fleas and ticks and 48 hours against the lice.
The treatment has to be renewed every month (1 pipette = 1 month of treatment)
* Composition:
Filipino 10% , (S)-méthoprène 12%.
* Use:
Break the tip of the pipette on the precut part. Empty it completely, directly to the skin by spreading the hair of the animals, in two points : at the base of neck and between the shoulders, to avoid licking.
Indication: Prevention and treatment of the external parasites: chips, ticks. Cats and ferrets. Can be used during gestation and lactation. Counter-indications: Without the corresponding informations, do not treat the kittens under 8 weeks-age or under 1 kg weight. Do not use to sick animals (systemic diseases, fever,…) or convalescents. Do not use to rabbits

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