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Frontline Spot On Dog Large 20kg-40kg x 1 Dose

Frontline Spot On Dog Large 20kg-40kg x 1 Dose

Merial Frontline Spot On Dog Large 20kg-40kg

The product provides reliable protection against parasites in your dog, in addition to easy and safe use. As long as diseases such as babesiosis, leishmaniozis, anaplasmozis, dirofilariozis and ehrlichiozis a few years ago occurred primarily in the Mediterranean Sea region, so the animal surgeries more often diagnosed in these and other dangerous diseases spread by parasites. More and more importantly, to provide the most effective protection against the parasite so that the transmission of pathogens and thereby avoid illness in dogs. The repellent active ingredient intensive (restraining) effect on the parasites in all developmental state (larva, nymph, adult specimens) and destroying them. Quite a contact with the preparation and the parasites are killed within a short period of time. This prevents the blood meal and the transmission of infectious agents (contact repellant) and the continuation of pathogens in untreated dogs and humans. The other mammals and humans to the drug for external application does not show sensitization because the substance does not enter the bloodstream and therefore not subject to the internal organs

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