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Groovy Biscuits & Treats For Dogs Mix - 500g
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Groovy Biscuits & Treats For Dogs Mix - 500g

LE 90.00
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* Groovy Biscuits Mix is a complementary food.

* All dogs need to chew dry biscuits to help them have     strong,healthy teeth.

* At the end of a run or after exercise Groovy biscuits are   the correct reward for your dog.

* Sel-Plex Source of selenium.Organic selenium supports   healthy antioxidant status for all phases of life.

* with vitamins and Omega 3&6.



Cereals,Derivatives of vegetable origin,Sugars,Oils and fats,Minerals,Yeast.


Analytical Constituents

protein  12%

oils and fats  7%

fibre  1.9%

ash 4%

calcium  0.9%

phosphorus 0.35%



Vitamin A (6000 IU/kg),vitamin D3 (600 IU/kg),vitamin E (60 mg/kg),vitamin B1 (2.4 mg/kg),vitamin B2 (3.2 mg/kg),vitamin B6 (1.5 mg/kg),vitamin B12 (0.02 mg/kg),

vitamin H (Biotin):0.01mg/kg,vitamin pp(Niacin):13mg/kg,E6 Zinc;10mg/kg,Sel-plex:0.1mg/kg,Folic acid:0.8mg/kg,panthotenic acid:8mg/kg


Feeding Recommendation

Small dogs <10kg                        up to 5 biscuits per day

Medium-sized dogs 10-30kg     up to 10 biscuits per day 

Big 30kg+                                    up to 15 biscuits per day


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