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Perfecto Cat 10 Sticks - Poultry, Liver
Perfecto Cat 10 Sticks - Poultry, Liver
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Perfecto Cat 10 Sticks - Poultry, Liver

LE 120.00
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Perfecto Cat sticks are an extra treat for in between. With poultry and liver, they are a real delicacy for in-between meals, when playing, romping and fighting.

Shipping weight: 0.061 kg
Item Weight: 0.050 kg
Composition: Meat and animal by-products (6% poultry, 6% liver), minerals, sugar
Ingredients: 31% crude protein, 21% fat content, 9% crude ash, 2% crude fiber, 27% moisture
Additives: Nutritional additives / kg: copper (E4, copper (II) sulfate, pentahydrate) 1mg / kg
Feeding recommendation: 1 to 2 cat sticks per day. Individual needs depend on age, race and activity. Sufficient fresh drinking water should always be available. Store cool and dry.

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