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Purina Pro Plan Opti Weight Sterilized Dry Food Rich in Chicken for All Size of Adult Dogs
Purina Pro Plan Opti Weight Sterilized Dry Food Rich in Chicken for All Size of Adult Dogs
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Purina Pro Plan Opti Weight Sterilized Dry Food Rich in Chicken for All Size of Adult Dogs

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It is shown that the special food Purina Pro Plan All sizes Adult Light Sterilized Chicken & Rice prepared by veterinarians and nutritionists helps the dog to achieve healthy weight and maintain it for a long time. Its low-fat formula with 14% chicken has a high protein content, so that muscle mass is maintained despite weight loss. At the same time the dog feels full after the meal thanks to the fibers and complex carbohydrates contained in it.

 The nutritional formula OPTIWEIGHT provides your dog with sterilized, overweight or tending to overweight all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that he needs for his health. The micronutrient mixture also promotes the burning of calories and helps to maintain healthy joints. Thus all dogs stay fit to perform physical activity, as each diet must be accompanied by sufficient movement.

 These croquettes with pieces of chicken are very tasty and much appreciated by poultry-loving dogs. Purine Pro Plan All sizes Adult Light Sterilized Chicken & Rice is a latest generation food, based on the latest knowledge in diet and dietetic canine, which is based on the assumption that optimal health is needed for optimal health.

All the features of Purina Pro Plan

  • dry reduced-fat food for adult dogs of all sizes
  • meets the nutritional needs of dogs that are sterilized, overweight or overweight
  • developed by veterinary surgeons and canine nutritionists and dieteticians: last generation formula
  • low fat content: with 14% chicken meat
  • promotes healthy weight reduction: the high protein content allows the maintenance of muscle mass during weight loss
  • quick sense of satiety: recipe with complex carbohydrates and adequate fiber content that reduces hunger
  • ideal nutritional formula OPTIWEIGHT: for a good physical shape and optimal well-being
  • joint health: thanks to its ingredients that also stimulate the activity of the dog
  • fine chicken pieces: tasty and low-fat protein source


dehydrated chicken protein, wheat, corn, chicken (14%), dried beetroot pulp, soy flour, corn flour, rice (4%), gluten, autolysate, fish oil, minerals, animal fat.


Physiological-nutritional additives:
vitamin A (25,000 IU / kg), vitamin D3 (810 / IU / kg), vitamin E (550 IU / kg), vitamin C (120 mg / kg), iron sulphate monohydrate (247 mg / kg), iodate calcium [anhydrous] (3.2 mg / kg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (49 mg / kg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (117 mg / kg), zinc sulfate monohydrate (417 mg / kg), sodium selenite ( 0.29 mg / kg).


Technological additives: antioxidants.


Proteine gregge 27.0 %
Grassi greggi 9.0 %
Fibre grezze 3.0 %
Ceneri gregge 7.0 %



Dog weight

Weight maintenance

After sterilization

Weight reduction

1 - 10 kg

45 - 200 g / Tag

35 - 175 g / Tag

30 - 150 g / Tag

10 - 25 kg

200 - 370 g / Tag

175 - 320 g / Tag

150 - 275 g / Tag

25 - 35 kg

370 - 460 g / Tag

320 - 400 g / Tag

275 - 345 g / Tag

35 - 45 kg

460 - 545 g / Tag

400 - 475 g / Tag

345 - 410 g / Tag

45 - 70 kg

545 - 735 g / Tag

475 - 640 g / Tag

410 - 550 g / Tag


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